Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Mexico Road trip - Day 1

Day 1.

Got the car PACKED (literally) full of camping gear and headed out around Thursday at 11am. The kids were berried and we had the top carrier on which was also packed so tight we could barely get it closed! Finally on the road. Everybody knows that when you travel with little ones, you have to take a break every once in a while. We always try to plan our "breaks" around landmarks/parks/cool things to see.

Our first break was to the Snowflake temple. It was on the highest hill in the little town so it was easy to spot. We got out and man...it was FREEZING!!! 45 degrees! Coming directly from 98 degrees just a couple hours ago it was quite the dramatic change for all of us. Theodore had never experienced that cold before. He was a happy little boy and would give big grins when the wind would blow in his face.

The temple had this cute little water fountain in the front which Charlene liked.

It was so cold, Charlene had to pee but the nearest little store was still a little drive, so we told her to hold it. RIGHT when this picture was taken she pee'd on Joshua. LOL (which is why he is holding her funny in this photo)

After both kids changed, we hung out in the car to warm up with the heat blowing full blast! Theodore had fun pretending to drive the car.

After our little break we decided to finish our 7 hour drive for the day. While Joshua was driving for a bit, He got this serious look on the face and turned to me and asked "Did you put the tent in the top carrier?" (I loaded the top carrier, and He loaded the car) LOL yeah....that is right...JOSHUA not me forgot the tent. After all...He is the one that didn't want to bring it into the house to put it in the pile of stuff to go a couple days earlier. So yeah...we had to find a walmart along the way which sucks since we have a really nice 15 person tent sitting at home. :(
We noticed a Walmart off the hwy right behind a Applebees which just so happened to be on an Indian reservation. Lets just say, at dinner and at Walmart we were probably the only white people. We were defiantly out-numbered and stood out. We found a 10 person tent for a fairly reasonable price and also picked up a couple pillows also forgotten at home (my fault this time).

We pulled into the KOA campsite around 11pm. It was our first time staying at a KOA site. Defiantly worth staying at another one for what it had to offer which was a fenced in dog area, kid play ground, swimming pool, HOT showers that you didn't have to pay for, changing tables in the bathroom, (oh and the bathrooms were nice and not muddy and also spotless!) a little store, and free pancakes for breakfast in the morning. :) I would say.... defiantly worth $20 a night....if you want to camp after a long drive and then have to set up a tent. :) Anyways - I stayed in the car with the kids (screaming at this point) while Joshua figured out how to put up this new tent. After 20 minutes in the dark, He had it up and started to unload the car. He got it all set up on the inside for our little family besides the air mattress since He didn't want to wake other campers. By midnight we were all ready for bed. Charlene was excited to sleep on her little kid cot we got her and Theodore refused to sleep in his play pin therefore had to sleep with us.

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