Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Mexico Road Trip Day 3

Day 3.

This morning we woke the kids up at 5:15am to get them ready for the big balloon festival. This whole trip was planned around this event, so its a big deal we don't miss out on any part of it. We decided to keep the kids in their pj's but throw over sweats, put on their coats and hats to keep them warm. Our campsite was only 10 miles away and the big spectacular launch was at 7am. Lets just say the traffic was so bad that we got there 6:45am and had to run into the field to find out...only 2 balloons were ready to be launched. LOL

Charlene saw this one being blown up.

After about an hour more balloons got blown up and then they were off! About every minute was was launched into the air. The kids were super excited. Charlene kept screaming in excitement "look balloon, balloon!"

It was a awesome experience. If you have kids, this is a must. Just the pure joy of Charlene and Theodore watching the balloons was a great experience.

Family shot

After all the balloons were launched and everybody left the field we decided to go check out the hot air balloon museum which came free with our tickets to get into the event since we purchased online. :) There was a lot to see and do in there. They even had a couple different places for crafts, which was perfect for us since Charlene LOVES craft time every day.

After a couple hours at the museum we found some lunch and then decided since we have a couple hours before the evening events would start, that we would go warm up in the car. Theodore got a little restless so we decided to put him in the "built in" play pin in the magnum. LOL He loved it back there. He was back there for about a half hour before he realized that we were in the front.

After warming up, we met up with our friends Tony & Stacie. We headed to the little carnival area.

On the way there, this magician in a little booth called over to Charlene to do some magic for her. He made her a rose out of a napkin. She was excited.

Next we hit up the carnival games. We played the dart/balloon game and got Charlene a little stuffed animal. After Joshua and I decided to take advantage of Tony & Stacie and left the kids with them for 5 minutes while we went and played in this water/balls.

Talk about a work out! Those things are so hard to stand in or even try to move around to get to another person! By the 5 minutes were up, we were both out of breath. LOL

After playing a little we decided to go get a spot to watch the balloons fill up. We layed out our little picnic blanket for Theodore and He crawled all over the place for about an hour! He loved being out of the stroller and being able to move around.

After it got dark, we met up with Joshua's boss who told us that each balloon has these "trading cards" that you can collect and it has a picture of the balloon and then on the back the fact about that particular balloon. So a-mist of all 100,000 people (estimated by the news) Here is Joshua, his boss, his kids, us and the stroller trying to run around collecting these trading cards. LOL We got lost a couple times, but after about 15 cards...we decided to give up and call it a night since the fireworks were going to start in a half hour (Charlene is terrified of fireworks) and didn't want Charlene to start screaming, nor deal with the traffic going out after the fireworks.

Here is a evening shot. It was awesome also. :)

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