Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Mexico Road Trip - Day 4

Day 4.

Today we begin our journey home. We decided to go a different way home so we can see more sites. Our first stop was Salinas Pueblo Mission National Monument. They had 3 sites (all 25 miles apart from each other) so we only hit up 2 of them. Here is the first one. You pulled up to see this! What a beautiful site!

We drove to the second site which was much larger area than the other. The stonework was a little lighter color also.

Between this rest and the next we had to take a state hwy for 55 miles. Along that hwy it was really over grown which means birds LOVE to be along the side of that hwy. Well there was one bird that had a suicide wish. I hit it going 70 miles an hour and you know how most birds when hit just fly up over the car? well not this SPLATTERED and was de-feathered and stuck to the windshield. Lets just say instant dry heaving was going on as I tried to look past it. After Joshua was done laughing at me, He had me turn on the windsheild wipers....which then of course spread blood and feathers so I couldnt see. SICKEST THING ALIVE! After a couple of minutes, all what was left was streaks. Of course after this incident, I had the instint to start yelling at the birds as they would fly up in front of the car "go, go, go, go, ahhhh!!!" Joshua was laughing so hard he was crying. Those stupid birds just had suicide wishes or something. They just couldn't make up their mind on which way to fly! Darn things.

anyways - 4 hours later and a couple stops through border patrol we arrived at White Sands National Park. was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! The sand was whiter than Florida sand and this went on for miles! Here is a picture that I got offline. We only went to the border of it and didn't feel like hiking the kids in sand to the big open area.

Charlene was so excited to see the sand, she started to do summer-salts!

This was Theodore's first time touching sand. We had to convince him a little that it was ok to play with it.

Once Theodore got used to the sand, all he did was crawl around like the wild animal. He would go in circles, stop, play a little then keep crawling. He was so cute!

After soaking up the sun a little. The next stop was suppose to be a old ghost town on the border of NM and AZ but I guess it is only open certain days, so we ended up going to Burger King for the kids to play in the play area for a half hour.

We pulled up into the garage around 9pm that night. We didn't unload anything but just simply take the kids in, put them to bed, put ourselves to bed and then in the morning deal with unloading the car.

What a fun trip. All I have to say is...I love Joshua's job that makes his traveling worth it when we can come with!

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  1. ahhh another thing for my to-do list in NM next time..white sands...that looks like so much fun! and also that cave. Tony & I unloaded the rental car and returned it then the next day we cleaned up downstairs and put everything awa