Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Mexico Road Trip - Day 2

Day 2.

What a night! Joshua and Theodore slept fine while I froze :( After the long drive yesterday then setting up camp, Joshua and I both agreed that yeah....on long road trips.....its best to use our points for hotels....or at least the KOA little cabin that was $70 a night. ha ha (making note of that now)

So we woke up and noticed there was no fire pit in our campsite. So I went to the little store and asked about that since we planned on having some of our meals cooked over the fire. Find out that in NM its illegal to have open fires. Ok....another thing that didn't go as planned. Looks like eating out it is for the meals for here on out. :(

After finding heart attack in a sack (McDonalds) we went on with our plans. First stop of the day.

The Albuquerque New Mexico temple.

After the temple we drove 10 minutes to Sandia Peak which is the worlds longest Tramway. Charlene was excited to ride it but then once on, she wanted to be held.

I think I would be afraid a little too if I was a kid and looking at this (picture below)

We got to the top and it was cloudy at top and only 27 degrees. There were hiking trails all over and a nice restaurant at top also. We didn't do hiking nor eat at the expensive restaurant but we did however go through the visitor center that they had.

Before getting on the tram down, Theodore spit out his passy and at the same time a gust a wind came and before it even hit the ground...it flew off the edge of the cliff! Passy 1 of 3 lost.

Next stop. Pecos National Historic Park

It started to sprinkle a little and there were under ground Kivas that you could go into. So we decided to head under ground to try to keep away from the rain.

The instant Charlene got down there....of course she spotted the one and only bug and freaked out! She wouldn't get off the ladder and wanted out of there!

On the way back to the car, I captured these cute shots of the kids.

We headed back to town to meet up with Joshua's boss's family for dinner but I guess his boss ended up working late because their manager was out of town and his supervisor ended up with a bunch of work. :( So we just ended up at Chillis for dinner. and of course we had the chocolate molten cake for dessert! ;)

Day 3....to be continued.

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