Friday, July 15, 2011

Charlene's birthday

Charlene surprisingly slept in until 8:30am! Which surprised us since she usually wakes up at 6am at the latest!

She woke up to breakfast at the table waiting for her.

It was carnival waffles with chocolate nutella all over them. She was super excited!

After breakfast its our family tradition to read the WHOLE baby book. She really enjoyed it. Last year she didn't understand, but this year she understands quite a bit more, so she liked it.

After the baby book we let her open only 2 of her presents.

She LOVES to do puzzles, so she got a train puzzle that makes noise when it is complete

Her second gift was 3 pairs of summer pj's! I looked all over for these suckers too! You would think from a state that is warm all year round that they would carry them, but apparently I had to go to 15 stores just to find these.

Our next plans were to take her to the carousal, but Joshua got called into work for a couple hours, so that was itea was ruined. So we stayed home and hung out until he got back. In the mean time I caught Charlene reading a birthday card from her Aunt Shirley. She was just chillng on the couch cushion reading it.

I figured I would put her to work a little. We had 24 caramel apples to do. So she helped me unwrap all the caramels.

The Nanny came over to help with little Theodore and brought along Charlene's little boyfriend. We caught them in "Olivia's" crib. LOL :) We came back a little later and found Charlene reading a book in the chair with Enlai laying in the crib. LOL Kids...too cute!

Charlene this morning got to open a card from her Grandma & Grandpa Gage. The card was a scottie dog card. Charlene was so excited, she didn't even see the gift card inside! She flew up off the bed and went to show Shelby who sleeps under the bed.

She got Shelby out from under the bed, and the next 20 minutes she would follow Shelby around showing her the card. It was priceless. :) Charlene is in love with Scottie dogs, so it was the perfect card.

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