Friday, July 15, 2011

Charlene's Carnival Birthday Party

The set up. I took this picture, and HAD planned on taking pictures of all the little individual games, but I wanted to wait until the volunteers showed up so they could be in the picture running the game. Well...only 4 of our volunteers showed up, so it was a LITTLE crazy which therefore I forgot to take the pictures :(

As the kids arrived we had them start off with face painting which Roxeanne was in charge of. Once She had all the kids painted, then she helped out with Theodore so Joshua could start cooking the food.

Charlene loved the ring toss game.

She loved the matching duck game.

Even Theodore got a little hammer which he tried to attack. :)

One of the last games was "pin the nose on the clown" The prize was a clown nose. So once they earned their clown nose, they got their picture taken. :)

This next picture is of Charlene's little boyfriend Enlai. This is a super cute photo of him. :)

At the end of all the games, this is what their little boxes looked like.

and the birthday cake we was worth the half day of labor it took. LOL

After cake came presents. She got a lot of learning stuff which is super nice. oh...and a new Veggie Tale which we didn't have. :)

Some of the birthday guests. (some didn't like the clown noses and refused to wear them)

After the party we went over to Enlai's so the "big boys" could play pool. When it was time to go, we went up stairs and found Charlene and her boyfriend Enlai being a little "too" comfortable with each other. LOL SUPER CUTE that they were cuddling by each other. Little Enlai comes from a good family, so I don't mind if they are future "companions" :)

They are such great pals, that when it was time to go...She didn't want to leave Enlai's side. :)

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  1. wow looks like a real fun time! bummer you were short on volunteers. love all the pix you got though!