Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Weikel Family Band??

Remember this little red piano we got for Charlene? Little Theodore has now inherited it from Her, and He LOVES playing at it.

Sometimes if He plays for so long I will catch him like this. Just chillin at the piano. :)

Here is him in action.

Charlene wanted to play her little baby grand piano, so I put Theodore by Charlene, and they played away!

Now....this was Theodore's first time in the Weikel Family Band. So he was a little stage fright when Shelby started to sing.

Here is a pre-Theodore Weikel Family Band video also. LOL


  1. Is that boy teething? Check out the tongue!

    Those pianos are stinkin' cute too.

  2. ROFL!! ah ha ha at shelby going crazy at the accordion. thats all so cute!