Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An evening spent at the hospital

Well...sometimes its just hard being a baby. So much to learn, taste and feel. Theodore is 7 months old, and only likes certain foods such as avocado, bananas, peas, and green beans. The Dr. tells you to introduce food one at a time in case they have a food allergy. was time to introduce something new for him. You really aren't suppose to prepare carrots for babies because of the nitrates in them can lower their blood count. But who knew??? anyways - So earlier in the evening I spent a half hour preparing his first serving of carrots. I gave him his first nibble, and he just ate it. the next couple bites he didn't like it too well. So an hour later, its time to try it again. The instant the first carrot hit his belly this time triggered MASSIVE throwing up!!! He couldn't stop throwing up. 10 times within a half hour! During the first couple incidents, I had Joshua look up online to see if that was a type of side effect of a food allergy since I have never heard of throwing up from an allergy. Sure enough it was! Very rare, but it was. After he was done, all of a sudden he turned PURE white....then passed out in my arms. He was extremely hard to wake. We weren't sure if he was exhausted from throwing up, or if this food allergy could be life threatening to him. Talk about a freaky moment. We threw everybody into the car, left dinner on the table and sped to the ER. They got us right in since he wasn't waking.

They got him hooked up to an IV, drew some blood and did some minor testing. Sure allergy. :( Carrots...of all things?? never even heard of anybody being allergic to carrots. He is a tough little guy. They had to poke 3 times for the IV needle. He didn't even flinch he was so out of it. :(

Joshua got a hold of his good friend Mike to come over to give him a blessing with him. The instant they were done with the blessing, his little eyes opened up. He was extremely out of it, but he was awake. We couldn't even get him to smile at us. He just gave us this blank look. We got him to drink some pedi-light, and that seemed to stay down. After about an hour in a half and the IV and blood work was done, we got to go home. Theodore had a high blood count which they told us is usually caused by trauma, which to a baby, that much throwing up could be considered trauma. So we have to go get him tested again the next day.

Little Charlene was getting extremely tired and wanting to go home.

It was 10:45pm by the time we got home. We had two little sleeping babies in the back seat.

Since we were still concerned, He got to sleep in our bed. And how is he feeling today??? Well look for yourself!

He woke up to see his Mommy and looked as normal as ever! The best part about sleeping with a baby in your to wake up to them smiling at you. :)

What a terrifying experience. I think we might just stick with his normal usual foods for a bit. :)

We live 2 miles away from the hospital...and as I write this...I can hear them ringing up our bill in the thousands. I can dream that it can be in the hundreds right??? but knowing our luck, my dream will come true, but will be something like this. $999. LOL I have to joke about this with how much medical debt we are in. But I can still dream of it being under a thousand right??? I hope my dream comes true but doesn't come close to the amount above. :)


  1. Ummmmmm.....the language of your post, you sound calm, obviously because it's after the fact and things are fine, but the second I read that he just passed out!?!?!?! I freaked out inside for you! I ended up dreaming last night that we had to rush Brookelyn to the hospital with a severely broken arm...I wonder if it's because I read your blog.

    Either way, I'm glad he's doing better! Brookelyn is allergic to pistachio's, and we figured it out once she began to vomit profusely.

    I've never heard of a carrot allergy. Strange!

  2. Poor little guy!!! Such a scary experience, I'm so sorry! Who'd have thought carrots could do that?

  3. HOw scary! Glad to hear he's ok.