Thursday, July 7, 2011

A day at the Mall

Today we went to Sears to check out prices for Joshua's tools for his work. Since they usually cost FEI $10,000 per engineer, his work has decided to try to find other ways to purchase the tools through different companies and piecing the tools together to save the company money since they have hundreds of engineers and just this year alone are hiring on another 50+ engineers. So we went to the mall to see what the total would be if we bought them through Sears. It was a WHOLE lot cheaper!

After Sears we went walking around the mall and we ran into a bunch of kids. Every Thursday there is a program year round for kids called Kids Club. When a member the member benefits include a free program/show, discounts to a bunch of stores, kids eat free at 5 of the restaurants in the mall, 1 free child admission to a movie with a paying adult of $2. ($2 is a good price for a movie too!) and free Carousel rides. With all the discounts and free stuff and something to get out of the house every Thursday year round....we signed the kiddies up for this FREE program! Of course with school being out, there were A LOT of kids there today.

This picture above is the characters from the show they put on today. Charlene was super excited, but with Theodore being clingie to his Mama....He wasn't too sure and freaked out once He realized I wasn't holding him if I had to take a picture of him. LOL

Theodore's FIRST Carousel ride! He loved it!

Charlene got to ride "Bunny Hop"

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