Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snow at the Zoo

Our friends told us about a special event at the zoo with snow. So we decided to meet them there and play in it a little. :)

We got there before our friends, so we decided to wait by them at the entrance which was over a bridge with HUNDREDS of water turtles. Charlene loved to watch them swim.

Theodore got a little ride in the stroller and passed out the whole trip besides maybe the last little bit.

Charlene found the snow and made snow balls.

Next we saw the Monkeys and they had their own little "Hawaiian" island

There was only 1 elephant out, but Charlene loves elephants so she was a happy camper.

There were 2 Rhinos.

We went and saw some more monkeys and while we were there, one walked right up to Charlene and sat down to stair back at her.

My little monkeys. :)

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