Saturday, July 23, 2011

Theodore 7 Months!

Theodore 7 months old!

Look at this little boy. He is my little "Man" in my life.

Theodore with in the last month has made some progress. He is about to crawl, He refuses to eat anything pureed. He loves frozen peas, caned string beans, fresh bananas and fresh peaches. He also doesn't like to sit up in high chairs or his bumbo and prefers to sit on our lap to eat.
He likes to stand now, rolls from 1 side of the room to the other in less than 15 seconds (he is fast). He HAS to be in the same room as his Mama or Daddy otherwise he starts to cry. He doesn't like to go to anybody else including our Nanny, unless he has no choice when we are out running errands. He has a couple little girls from church chasing him and adoring him. :) And lets see...this past week he has been sleeping for naps in his own room and as of last night, was his first night in there and only woke up once and only screamed for a half hour (both Joshua and I were surprised since Charlene during her transition screamed for 2 hours straight for the first 2 weeks) So we were pretty happy and surprised. And lets see. Shelby is protective of Theodore from anybody picking him up off the floor besides us parents (She bit the Nanny)

I think that is about it for this little Man's update for the month. :)

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