Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We got SWALLOWED up by a dust storm!

Tonight while leaving Walmart, Joshua noticed a stand storm in the far distance. As we sat there to watch it, it got bigger and bigger and coming towards us. So we decided to head home since these things hit fast.

We got home, and it was here within minutes.

5 minutes later, our house was starting to get swallowed up.

Next thing we know...we are like Dorothy in the wizard of OZ. Our house got swallowed up! Joshua took this picture from on the porch and he could barely breathe!

This storm didn't just hit our area, it was 70 miles long and moved between 25-50 MPH and hit the whole Phoenix metro. There were car accidents and the air planes were then delayed also due to viability. This was the second sand storm that hit our house this week, but by far the biggest one this year here.

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