Sunday, July 10, 2011

An Evening at the zoo

Saturday night was discount night at the local Zoo. It is usually $18 a person to get in (and yes, we have to pay for Charlene also now) but on This past Saturday night, if you brought in 1 personal care item for a solider, you get $1 discount to make it $5 to get in on the discount night. :) So we decided since we still had yet another 6 boxes of personal care items to drop off at the homeless shelters, we decided to take it ALL to the Zoo. People gave us a lot of looks as we rolled the double stroller up to the Zoo. LOL

After we got in and dropped off all the donation stuff, the kids were now able to sit in the stroller.

First place on the list....splash park. It was 111 out when we got there, and though it wasn't so bad, we figured if we got wet first before walking around, then we would stay cool since there were plenty things to see.

Little Theodore had to cool off to. :) So I threw him in. LOL :)

While the kids were splashing around, I decided to go get us some Icees. They sounded so good! little did we know, that icees in Arizona melt so the ice turns to a solid ROCK and then as you SLOWLY eat the hard rock...there is no flavor since it is all melted and now is watered down. It was no fun.

At 8pm we noticed little Theodore leaned over and tired. So we headed home. We live an hour from the zoo so it was a long ways home. On the way home, about 15 minutes into the drive, we got hit by a sand storm! The wind was blowing us everywhere on the hwy that we could only go 65. Once we got about 30 minutes away from home, we hit a thunder storm which had large lightning and loud thunder. Once we got home, it turned out the thunder storm was at our house, and was loud. Luckily the kids were able to sleep through it. :)

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